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Where to Buy Kindle in Canada?

  October 08. 2014


  Kindle Paperwhite
New Kindle
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Cdn$ 79.00

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Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite
Cdn$ 139.00


Amazon realised the latest version of  Kindle Paperwhite in Canada in 2014.
Amazon is the number 1 name on the e-book market in North America, thanks to the fact that they offer to customers the largest selection of electronic books, newspapers, and comics in the world. This content can be accessed with a number of electronic gadgets (with using a dedicated Kindle app) including smartphones (Android, iOS, Blackberry), tablets and computers. However, none of these gadgets are ideal for reading e-books. Tablets and smartphones have a short battery life and their LCD glossy displays make them hard to read in direct sunlight.
The key draws of the new Kindle Paperwhite is the screen which comes equipped with a granularly adjustable backlighting system. Turn the backlight on Kindle Paperwhite up to its maximum level, and you will be able to read a e-book in the brightest sunlight. Turn the backlight down to its minimum level, and you will be able to read in bed without disturbing your partner. The quality of lighting and the crispness of the text on screen is a significant improvement over the previous version of Paperwhite.

Two models of Kindle ebook reader were initially introduced to Canadian market on January 23, 2013. These two models were Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle 4.

Kindle Fire tablet is also available for Canadian customers.














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