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Does Kindle Work in Canada, Can You Use it in Canada

Does Kindle Work in Canada

Kindle works fine in Canada.

You can download and read all e-books from the Amazon Kindle Store on your Kindle ebook reader. Currently (in 2024), there are over 6 million ebooks available in the Kindle Store. This number of books is rising each day.

In addition, you can download and listen to audiobooks from the Audible website. Audible is owned by Amazon and offers a wide range of audiobooks.

Current models of Kindle Canada e-book readers are:

  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Kindle Signature
  • Kindle Oasis
  • Kindle basic model
  • Kindle Scribe

The only thing on Kindle ebook readers that does not work in Canada is access to the Canadian public library system. Kindle ebook readers are not compatible with the Canadian public library system. Kindle e-book readers are compatible only with the USA library system. If you have a USA library account Kindle e-book reader works great.

Therefore, Kindle e-book readers cannot borrow and read e-books from the Canadian public library, unless you’re willing to do a conversion with your computer each time you borrow an e-book.

Canadian library system uses Overdrive. Overdrive is a service offered by the local library that lets you borrow e-books without charge – similar to borrowing printed books from your local library.

E-books from the Canadian Library use ePub digital format. The only way to read an e-book from the Canadian public library on a Kindle Canada e-reader is to download an e-book (which is in ePub format) on your computer, convert the ePub file to the Mobi file, and transfer it from computer to Kindle ebook reader.

Kobo readers can directly access the Public Libraries Canada system and borrow e-books. Kobo readers come with a built-in Overdrive app.

Public Libraries Canada provides on its website a list of all digital devices that are compatible with their system. Nook e-book readers are also compatible with the Overdrive library systems.

Amazon Fire tablets are fully compatible with the Canadian Library system and are able to borrow and read books. Amazon Fire tablets come in 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch sizes.

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Can You Use a Kindle in Canada?

If you buy a Kindle e-book reader in Canada it will perfectly work in Canada.

There is a slight difference between the Canadian and the US version of Kindle e-reader. Only a Canadian version of Kindle e-reader is available on the Canadian market. When you buy your Kindle device in Canada you can be sure that you can use it anywhere in Canada.

The newest version of the Kindle e-reader is usually first available on the American Amazon website and then a few weeks or months later it is offered on the Canadian Amazon website.

If you do not have the patience to wait until a new Kindle ereader comes to Canada and you buy the American version in the USA, then you might have some issues. The kind and level of issues with the Kindle device bought in the USA for use in Canada depends on the Kindle model and version.

Most of the issues are related to cellular connections. In addition, you will need to pay shipping charges. When buying Kindle on the US Amazon website, the shipping is free to any US address, but they will charge you for international shipping.

Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited are subscription-based services from Amazon that offer a big selection of e-books. Both services are now available for Canadian customers and easily accessible with the Canadian version of the Kindle e-reader.

Updated: January 04, 2024

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