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Kindle Oasis Canada: Review, Price, Buy in 2024

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Kindle Oasis - High-end luxury e-reader

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Kindle oasis 32 gb

Kindle Oasis Canada

Kindle Oasis Canada is a high-end ebook reader from Amazon. Kindle Oasis comes with a big screen (7 inches).

Currently, there are 3 models of Kindle Oasis Canada:

(Amazon released its first generation of Kindle Oasis to the Canadian market in April 2016.)

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is designed with a color adjustable light. This feature (color adjustable lighting) makes quite a difference to the reading experience.

New color adjustable integrated light allows readers to customize the color tone from cool to warm. The color tone of the warm light depends on whether readers are reading books during the day or at night, on a bright sunny day, or in the dark cloudy evening.

 Readers can also schedule the screen warmth to update automatically with sunrise and sunset. The display gets warmer after sunset.

The new release of Kindle Oasis features similar dimensions and weight – it is only 6g lighter and 0.1mm thicker than the previous version.

Most of the other features are the same or very similar to the previous generation.

Kindle Oasis review


Kindle Oasis is one of the best ebook reader currently available in Canada. It is a much better device than Kindle Paperwhite. And it is more expensive than Kindle Paperwhite Canada.

This luxury e reader is also the most expensive e-reader from Amazon – high price comes with high quality. The only other e-reader in Canada that has a similar quality, performance and characteristics is Kobo Forma.


New Kindle Oasis has a large 7 inch display – the same size as the previous model. This is e ink display which has 300 PPI resolution. Currently, there is no other reader on the Canadian market with better resolution than Kindle Oasis.


Kindle Oasis is waterproof. Buy the way, it was the very first e-reader from Amazon designed by Amazon to be waterproof. Trends are that all new ebook readers will be waterproof sooner or later.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design shifts the center of gravity to your palm so you can comfortably hold Kindle in one hand for a long time.


The new model of Kindle Oasis is available in 8 GB or 32 GB. You can carry even more ebooks with you.

Uniform adaptive front light

New Kindle Oasis automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on your surroundings. You can easily read a book anywhere: on the beach in bright sunshine or dark bedroom. You can read a book comfortably for hours without eyestrain. The 25-LED frontlight is even across the whole page.

Kindle Oasis Canada

Kindle Oasis


Kindle Oasis lets you switch easily between reading and listening on speakers or headphones. The listening feature is provided via built-in Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows you to connect the Kindles to speaker or headphones and that will allow you to listen to Audible books.

When you visit the Kindle store you will find options to buy the Audible version alongside the ebook. You can store a lot of audiobooks in Kindle Oasis with storage capacity 8GB and much more in device with storage capacity 32GB.

Battery Life

The battery life is excellent. The battery can support the reader for six weeks of 30 minutes of reading a day with a light setting at 13.

Charging a battery takes up to three hours. The micro to USB cable is used for charging along with a 5W charger.

Kindle Oasis color
Kindle Oasis in Canada is available only in graphite color.

In the USA Kindle Oasis is available in two colors: champagne gold and graphite color. It does not come in white or merlot color like some other Kindle e-readers.

But users can always buy one of the colorful cases if the original color of the Kindle Oasis is boring for them. Then the case adds to the device a more vibrant color.

That way you can have your gold Kindle or Kindle in whatever color you prefer and enjoy. The case that covers these digital devices is also worry-free protection against drops, scratching, and bumps.

Most of these covers are specifically designed for the particular Kindle model so Kindles perfectly fit in them.

Buy Kindle Oasis

Canadian customers can buy Kindle Oasis e-reader off the Canadian website Amazon.ca. Canadian buyers can now pay for Kindle Oasis with a Canadian credit card and in Canadian dollars.

Kindle Oasis can be shipped to Canada. Canadians will pay much less for shipping costs and they will get Kindles ordered from the Canadian website (Amazon.ca) much faster. Also, there are no customs fees since Kindle Oasis is not crossing the border.

Buy Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle can work in Canada. Kindle Oasis is currently available in every province of Canada, from British Columbia and Alberta to Ontario and Quebec. Kinde could be shipped to Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and any other Canadian city for much less shipping costs than before.

Kindle price

Kindle price for currently available models in Canada:

  • Price of Kindle Oasis Wi Fi, 8GB storage space is 329.99 Canadian dollars
  • Price of Kindle Oasis Wi Fi, 32GB storage space is 359.99 Canadian dollars
  • The price of Kindle Oasis Wi-Fi + Free Cellular connection (3G or 4G) is 429.99 Canadian dollars (comes only with 32GB storage space)

Kindle Oasis

A few times a year, Amazon offers sales with a good discount on Kindle e-reader. Kindle Oasis lowest price usually happens during Christmas season, on Black Friday or Prime Day.

Deals on Amazon Kindle Oasis can come in other times of the year such as Back to School event in late August. Amazon does not announce when a discount sale will start, except deals on Prime Day and Black Friday.

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