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The most popular e-readers in Canada

Kindle Paperwhite-Best-selling ereader in Canada

Kindle Oasis - High-end luxury e-reader

Kindle Scribe-for reading writing & sketching

Updated: January 10, 2024

The only function of an e-book reader is to read e-books while a tablet is more versatile and has more functionality.

The main difference between e-readers and tablets is their purpose. E-book readers are created to be a digital substitute for a printed book. Tablets are created to be a portable mini-computer.

If your primary intention is to buy a handheld device for reading, then it makes no sense to spend the extra money to buy a tablet. Ebook readers are much cheaper than tablets, and they have a few significant advantages over tablets. They are usually smaller and lighter, so it is more comfortable to hold them in hand. A few models of e-readers are ergonomically designed for one-hand reading.

E-book readers have been a popular digital electronic device for a while now. Two major brands of e-book readers in Canada are Kindle from Amazon and Kobo from Rakuten, and Nook from Barnes & Noble.

The first e-book reader was introduced on the market in Canada in November 2009. First generations of e-book readers were uncomfortable to hold for a prolonged time, and they had terrible refresh rates. Besides, they did not have a built-in front light for reading in the dark.

In the last few years, manufacturers of e-book readers have made significant improvements in design. Also, they added several new features that made e-book readers much more popular devices. Ebook readers have become smaller and lighter than before. They come with more storage space – now they are able to carry thousands of books.

A few recent e-readers can play audiobooks. However, e-readers cannot play music or videos. They are devices dedicated only for reading e-books and playing audiobooks.

Amazon offers a few subscription-based services in Canada for users who enjoy reading books. Those services are Prime Reading, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible.

These days, the shape of e-book readers look similar to tablets. These two devices might look the same, but they are two completely different devices.


Ebook readers use E-ink screens while tablets use LCD screens. E-ink screens are non-glare screens, which makes e-readers a perfect device for reading in bright sunlight. Reading e-book on an e-reader is like reading a real printed book.

Ebook readers can display only black and white text, while tablets have colour screens.

Ereader vs tablet

Battery Life

E-readers have a much longer battery life – the battery can last for weeks without a need for recharging. So you can take your e-reader on a long trip without a power outlet. E-ink screens used in e-book readers consume power only when turning a page, while LCD screens used in tablets require a constant source of power to keep content on display.


Most tablets come in size from 7 to 12 inches. E-readers are smaller devices than tablets and mostly come in the 6-inch size. That is the size of a printed book; however, e-readers are much thinner and therefore lighter than an average printed book.

Ereader vs tablet - Price

Ebook readers in Canada are cheap.

The price of decent e-book readers from major brands are in the range $100 - $200. That is much less than the price of a decent tablet.

If you are not in a rush to buy an e-reader and can wait until they go on sale, you can buy an e-reader for less than $100.

Mid-range e-readers come with several premium features. Their price is in the range of $120- $200. These mid-range e-book readers are best-selling e-book readers in Canada since they are a perfect combination of excellent features and popular, affordable price. Kindle Paperwhite  is the best-selling mid-range e-book reader in Canada.

Most expensive e-book readers in Canada are Kindle Oasis ($330) and Kobo Forma ($300). These two e-readers are luxury top-end e-book readers. They are the best e-readers currently available in Canada.

The mid-range e-reader satisfies needs for most of the users. Top-end e-readers are designed for users who spent long hours reading books.

Ereader vs tablet eye strain 

Tablets are not easy on eyes when you use them for hours of reading. LCD screens on tablets emit blue light, which causes eye strain and fatigue after prolonged reading.

Eyes strain more when reading in dim condition. When you plan to read an e-book on a tablet in bed before going to sleep, you may consider that this can affect your sleep.


E-book readers come with a built-in front light that evenly illuminates the E-ink screen. It is possible to adjust several levels of brightness to make a perfect reading experience for any ambient conditions.

A few recent e-book readers come with an adjustable colour temperature of the front light. E-reader automatically adjusts front light from cold blue-ish hue to warm amber hue depending on ambient conditions. So you can start reading in bright sunshine and, after sunset, continue to read in the dark without need to adjust the light. The device automatically adjusts the brightness level and colour temperature settings. The more amber light is added after sunset to eliminate blue light. The front-lighting system on those e-readers consists of a dozen white and a dozen of amber LEDs.

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