How Long Does it Take to Charge a Kobo?

If you cannot turn on your Kobo e-reader it means that battery is low. How long does it take to charge a Kobo?

Charging a Kobo e-reader takes around two hours using a micro-USB cable. A fully charged Kobo battery can last for a few weeks depending on how you use your Kobo device.

Kobo readers use a rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery.

  • Kobo Forma battery has the capacity of 1200 mAh
  • Kobo Libra battery has the capacity of 1200 mAh
  • Kobo Clara battery has the capacity of 1500 mAh

To start charging a battery in you Kobo, connect one end of a micro-USB cable to the Kobo device and the other end to a USB port on a computer. The computer needs to be turned on to charge a battery. When you buy a Kobo e-reader, micro-USB cable comes included in the box.

You can continue to read on your Kobo e-book reader while charging the battery. You can see the battery’s icon in the top right corner of the Kobo screen so you can observe the charging progress. Once the battery icon is completely black, the battery is fully charged and you can disconnect the cable.

Another way of charging a battery in the Kobo e-book reader is with a wall power adapter. You can charge the battery in your Kobo e-reader with any wall power adapter which output voltage is 5 V and the current is 500 mA. This option is especially useful when you are traveling and do not have access to a computer or laptop. Kobo wall charger is sold separately as an accessory.

When you buy a new Kobo e-reader, you should charge the battery for at least one hour before you start using it.

Updated: January 10, 2024