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The most popular KOBO ereaders in Canada

Kobo Libra 2 - Best-selling KOBO ereader in Canada

Kobo Elipsa - High-end luxury e-reader

Reading on Kobo Libra

Kobo Libra 2 

Kobo Libra 2 is one of the best digital readers from Kobo.

It is a successful combination of two other Kobo e-readers: Kobo Forma and Kobo Aura H20.

It has many same features as high-end Kobo Forma but comes with a $80 lower price. It has a similar ergonomic design for single-handed reading as Kobo Forma. It weighs only 215 grams – so holding it in one hand for an extended period of time is not a problem. There are two physical buttons mounted in the grip so you can comfortably hold the device while turning pages.  

The body is made of soft plastic, and there is a little bit of texture at the rear for better grip.

The Libra 2 is waterproof. That means that you can read in the swimming pool or lake without concern about damaging the device with water. You do not need to worry even if you spill a drink on it. However, stay away from saltwater. 

Kobo Libra 2 review

The Libra comes with the same front lighting system as the other two Kobo models – ComfortLight PRO. ComfortLight PRO front light makes it easy to read in any lighting condition – in bright sunshine or dark bedroom. You can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the front light. The color temperature of light is adjusted with a system of white and amber LEDs (light-emitting diodes). In most cases, the light that illuminates the screen is a combination of white and amber lights. You can turn off amber LEDs and use only white LEDs and vice versa. You can also completely turn off the front light.

You can turn on this feature on automatic mode, and the device will automatically adjust brightness and color temperature depending on ambient lighting. Light will be warmer in the evening with more amber color since the device reduces blue lights as the day goes on. This makes reading in the evening a very comfortable experience. Blue light causes eye strain and fatigue after prolonged reading. Kobo made a great design success to reduce blue lights by implementing an innovative ComfortLight PRO lighting system in all recent models. The first edition of e-book readers did not have any built-in lights. 

Libra is very similar to Kindle Oasis from Amazon. Both e-readers have the same size, waterproof body, display resolution, and adaptive front lighting. Display size on the Libra is 7 inches – the same size as display on Kindle Oasis. The display is one inch smaller than the display on Kobo Forma and one inch bigger than the display on Kobo Clara and Kindle Paperwhite.

Kobo Libra

Kobo Libra

The E-ink display is the main part of any e-book reader. Reading a book on the Libra is as reading a real printed book – text is sharp and easy to read. Resolution of the Libra’s display is 300 PPI (pixel per inch). That is one of the best resolutions currently available on the Canadian e-reader market. It is the same as the display resolution of Kobo Forma and Kindle Oasis. 

The Libra comes with 32 GB built-in storage space. You can store a few thousands of e-books in that storage. 

According to Kobo spec, the battery life of the Libra e-reader is several weeks based on half-hour reading a day and brightness at medium settings. Libra has a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery whose capacity is 1200 mAh.

Kobo Libra H2O Canada

Currently, there are six Kobo models in Canada:

  • Kobo Forma
  • Kobo Libra
  • Kobo Clara
  • Kobo Elipsa
  • Kobo Sage
  • Kobo Nia

Libra is a mid-end Kobo e-reader. It is a perfect balance of great features and an affordable price.

In Canada, Kobo Libra is available in two colors: white and black.

Kobo Libra Canada

Kobo Libra Canada

Kobo Libra H2O OverDrive

Kobo Libra 2 comes with a built-in OverDrive feature. OverDrive lets you borrow e-books from public libraries directly from your Kobo e-book reader. Only Kobo users can access to e-books in public libraries in Canada directly from their devices. 

You need to be a member of a public library to borrow e-books. It is easy to access the public library from Kobo Libra – all you need is to enter your library card number and your pin. Once you borrow e-book you can keep it until the due date. Book will be automatically returned to the library at a due date, so you do not need to worry about late fees.

If a book you want to borrow is not available at the moment, you can be put on the waitlist. Once the book is available again, you will be notified by email.

Kobo Libra 2

Kobo Libra 2

Kobo Libra Price

The price of the Kobo Libra in Canada is $219.99. It is $80 less than Kobo Forma and $70 more than Kobo Clara. 

You can buy in Canada a cheaper waterproof e-book reader than Libra, but it will not have the same high quality as the Libra.

Kobo Libra SleepCover

Kobo Libra case protects your Libra from dirt, scratches and accidental drops. It is custom made cover for the 7-inch Libra. Libra cannot use the Kobo Forma case since that case is too big (8 inches). 

The name of this case is Kobo Libra SleepCover since it controls the sleep mode of the device.

SleepCover case automatically turns Libra in sleep mode when you close it and wakes up Libra when you open it. This case can be transformed into a stand that allows you a hands-free reading.

Kobo Libra Sleepcover

The Libra case is available in four colors: poppy red, slate blue, lavender, and black.

The price of Libra SleepCover is 44.99 Canadian dollars. You can buy it at Rakuten and Chapters online  stores.

Updated: January 10, 2024

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